Rates are determined on the basis of different formulas:

"Individual" or "Last minute" reservation

* ½ adult board in double or triple rooms with individual bathroom

* ½ adult board in double or triple room with shared bathroom

* ½ adult board in a dormitory

* ½ child board in a dormitory (free under the age of 4)

* Overnight + breakfast in a double room with individual bathroom (except in winter)

  1. *Free for all qualified guides accompanying a group of hikers.

  2. *Quilt and coffee

  3. *Picnic

Rental of the entire refuge for one week or a weekend

Rental for a period of time for professionals and trainees

* Full board

Training courses at the Refuge de la Coquille

  1. * Music courses: All inclusive for 5 days

    Includes: accommodation, teacher’s costs and meals, 10 people maximum 

* Cooking & Wellness courses: All inclusive for 4 days / From June to September

   Includes: accommodation, meals, mountain hikes with a guide, 8 people maximum   

  1. *Zen & Energy courses: All inclusive for 4 days / From October to June

   Includes: accommodation, meals, guided tours, massages, yin and yang diet, chi-gung

   5 people maximum  

65 €

55 €

52 €

47 €

40 €

40 €

10 €

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55 €

380 €

350 €

400 €

Price per person

Price per person

A mountain refuge at Estenc on the edge of the Mercantour national park

All our beds come with sheets and duvets.

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