* Economical use of water

* sorting the rubbish

* sharing transport as much as possible

* not over heating

* avoid the over use of plastic bags and detergents

It was in the 80’s that Robert Fan and their two children experienced a rebirth when they came to nest in Estenc, a hamlet entirely made from of wood and stone. (Estenc « acqui li sien ben li estenc »...)

Our idea of tourism is one of eco responsibility without pretention and acquired over time. The quality the experience for all  depends upon this, and we remind ourselves that we do not own nature as we might a play ground.

In the Refuge

* Read the information signs and advice of the National Park

* Do not leave rubbish or belongings behind you

* Do not pick or collect the wild flowers

* Try to apply these attitudes outside the park as well

When Hiking

A mountain refuge at Estenc on the edge of the Mercantour national park

ROBERT : It was a boy with the knees worn out of his trousers that this mountain-man, singer and musician fell in love with this unique place while on summer camps. His passion for wide open spaces, freedom and music will enrapture you with ‘many a tale and sound’.

FAN : It was also when she was quite small that her father ‘gave’ her with the mountain bug. She looks aftervit well in Estence through an alternating blend of the art of cooking and traditional Chinese energy balancing. Throughout July and August she is enconsed in her summer quarters as the manager of the refuge, La Cayolle in the Mercantour National Park.


One moment… Please do not mistake our intentions! We really want you to share our knowledge of the unspoilt nature which surrounds us, as well as where we live but not at ‘any old price’…

We put into use in our daily lives some simple and easy practices which help to maintain the fragile balance of our environment. We look forward to sharing the same ecological views and practices with you as well.

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